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The Clay Cares Tour Begins.

Clay Cares Tour officially kicked off this week! June 9th and 10th I met with some of the local officials in Carthage, spent some time at BB’s Bistro in Gordonsville (best burger around these parts) and listened and shared with some folks there! After lunch I went back to the beautiful downtown area of Carthage and had a great time meeting some of the local business owners and people on the street. Then it was off to Cookeville where I spent the afternoon/evening sharing with locals in historic downtown Cookeville at an impromptu bluegrass meet-up at the train depot. Mark Miller’s re-election affair was next where I Had the opportunity to meet his sweet family. I’m encouraged by faithful public servants like Councilman Miller.

The next morning, the 10th, I’m back on 40 East and heading to Crossville/Cumberland County to meet with some of the Democratic Executive team and some of the volunteers from the area.

After passing Cookeville and making some good time, I decided it would be good to stop in Monterey and check out the town and see who I could run into. I found the farmer’s market

(one of my favorite places to meet people) and spent some great time there meeting vendors and patrons and handing out our campaign flags!

Finally made my way to the event and still early, drove up the street to see what I could see and found a wonderful ministry there called Bread of Life. Looks like a wonderful place of healing and forgiveness offering people another shot at their dreams.

And that’s what I wanted to encourage the good folks of Cumberland County with is the hope that we can still do great things in our country. With some hard work and determination we can work to create an America where we all feel safe, where we all feel like we too can experience the American Dream and once again help our nation be the greatest on Earth. Protecting our freedoms and rights of all people to live their own lives are one of the reasons I am running in this race.

I wrapped up my rather long day at the Pride Festival in Cookeville on my way back West on I-40. I was impressed by the large turn out and encouraged by the love and acceptance I felt.

It’s important to remember there are no cookie cutter approaches to dealing with people. We come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s one more reason why I am running.

Each person deserves the right to pursue their happiness embedded in the Constitution of the United States. It will be the document I swear to uphold, defend and protect.

Clay Cares could not have started off any better! Thank you to all the great people I had the opportunity to meet and learn from this week! And hope to see you again soon!


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