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Roe vs. Wade Decision

Roe vs. Wade is now a part of history. Historically, this legal precedent allowed women the freedom to make decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures without government interference or control. It was not ideal, but when is an unwanted pregnancy the best outcome for all involved including the unborn child?

Now we have work to do. Neither side will ever relent in their quest to have the outcomes they desire; and they shouldn’t. It’s exactly their passion and energy created from these passions that we need to create a path forward.

Instead of pursuing far left or far right agendas, let’s lean in toward one another. Let’s join where our values meet and make small steps forward, but steps forward nonetheless. Let’s work together to find ways to ensure women continue to have control of their bodies, their lives and their futures while pursuing new and innovative programs designed to allow women to have real choices. One proven aid in reducing unwanted pregnancies is access to education and healthcare advice on how to use contraceptives. Information like this should be provided for all Americans, universally. More on Healthcare to come.

Remember this, over half of our citizens are no longer in control of their reproductive rights. Stop and consider think about that. If government can tell you to have a child, don’t you think the opposite could hold true? Something to consider when you are voting this year.

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